Mod Pink Diamond | Pink Diamond for Minecraft

Now the varieties of precious stones in Minecraft Pocket Edition will become more diverse. You can get rare Pink Diamond, which adds the eponymous modification.

Features of the Pink Diamond mod

Pink diamonds with lava |  Mod Pink Diamond

Diamonds on the ceiling |  Mod Pink Diamond

Pebbles fashion Pink Diamond will be generated in Minecraft in the same place as always – at the 12th level in the dungeons. But, however, in a slightly smaller amount compared to ordinary jewelry.

Generating stones |  Mod Pink Diamond

Diamond Generation |  Mod Pink Diamond

In addition, the mod also adds two blocks – an ore block and a diamond block.

Diamond block |  Mod Pink Diamond

Diamond ore |  Mod Pink Diamond

And this is how the stone, ore and block look in Minecraft in inventory.

Block icon |  Mod Pink Diamond

Ore icon |  Mod Pink Diamond

Stone icon |  Mod Pink Diamond

You can create tools and weapons from this pink charm. The first ones have enormous durability, and the second ones have colossal damage in MKPE… Crafting recipes are no different from vanilla recipes. Have a good game!

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