Mod Piglin Bracers for Minecraft on Android and iOS

In addition to their beauty, these wrist guards will perfectly protect you and make you look like piglins. True, there is not a big mine, due to the fact that they are made of gold, their strength will be rather low.

These bracers can be installed in the breastplate slot and get 6 armor points (3 bars) and 0.5 to the knockback resistance. However, keep in mind that this protection has only 80% strength and will break quite quickly.

Use gold blocks to repair the shields, only with their help you can repair the piglin shields. Do not try to repair them with gold bars, you will fail.

Since the bracers are made of gold, wearing them will give you the same effect as wearing any gold piece of armor, the piglins will not attack you.

Unpack the archive according to the instructions here and install the mod with textures

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