Mod Pet Food | Petfood for Minecraft

You could get positive effects in Minecraft PE with the help of potions. However with the mod Petfood you can do without creating a variety of elixirs.

The essence of the Petfood modification is not to breed pets, but rather to eat them. After this strange operation, your hero will replenish hunger status in Minecraft Bedrock, and at the same time can get cool effects.

Heart |  Mod Pet Food

Heart craft |  Mod Pet Food

A heart. One of the components from which a pet is crafted.

Horn |  Mod Pet Food

Crafting horns |  Mod Pet Food

Small horn. Another component to create.

Magic fire |  Mod Pet Food

Magic flame. At the moment it has no crafting, and is not used anywhere – we are waiting for an update fashion.

Little demon |  Mod Pet Food

Small demon crafting |  Mod Pet Food

Little Demon Effects |  Mod Pet Food

Small red demon. Satisfies hunger in Minecraftand also increases the jumping range for a short time.

Big demon |  Mod Pet Food

Big demon - effects |  Mod Pet Food

Big fire demon. Gives the effects of strength, regeneration, as well as resistance and acceleration. Cannot be created in Minecraft.

All items |  Mod Pet Food

All modification items at the moment.

Have a good game!

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