Mod Personal safe | Personal Safe for Minecraft

Situations when friends start bludgeoning each other on Minecraft Pocket Edition servers happen almost all the time. Using mod entitled Personal Safe, you will not only save your resources from wasting, but, possibly, keep your friendships online.

How to use the Personal Safe mod

View of the safe in the interior |  Personal safe

The safe is simple in Minecraft for Android like a steamed turnip. It holds 27 items (or stacks) and is destructible for a long time – the author gave it 500 HP. Of course, if such a safe is bombed in MCBEthen all items will drop out. True, this will take a lot of time.

First, create a safe.

Safe crafting |  Personal safe

Don’t forget to craft a key card.

Craft cards |  Personal safe

Now what to do with fashion Personal Safe? That’s right, bind it to your character! To do this, use the card on the storage, and no other character other than yours in MCPE will not be able to open.

Taming |  Personal safe

What’s new in update 2.0

New safes |  Personal safe

Several colors of the safe can now be created in the game.

Crafting new safes |  Personal safe

Craft a golden key (works like a card).

Key creation |  Personal safe

Have a good game!

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