Mod Parasites for Minecraft on Android

Transformation stages
Booglin – spawns in the dark and in just 1 minute can mutate into Rupper

Rupper is the next evolutionary step, the creature is able to infect ordinary mobs (pigs, sheep, cows, etc.)

Infected mod – the third stage of infection, this creature is known for only one purpose to infect as many creatures as possible and turn them into monsters.

Converts are the last stage of the parasite’s development. These creatures are very bloodthirsty and will kill everyone they meet on their way.

In order to make it easier for you to survive in a world inhabited by these terrible creatures, there are weapons and tools in fashion that will help you survive.

Pickaxe – allows you to quickly dig ore, has a crafting recipe

Scythe is a fairly strong weapon that gives the effect of speed, it also has a crafting recipe

The bow is a highly ranged weapon that can be obtained from slain creatures, and also has a crafting recipe.

Each infected creature after the end of the mutation has a certain size and the bigger it is, the more dangerous the creature is in front of you. In total, at the moment there are 5 types of monsters, which differ in size.

IMPORTANT!!! For the mod to work, turn on the experimental game mode in the world settings !!!
Installation instructions for the mod!

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