Mod Pandora’s Box | Pandora’s Box for Minecraft

Not that the author fashion Pandora’s Box was inspired by the creation of ancient Greek mythology. It’s just that this common name really suits his creation in Minecraft Bedrock.

That’s what the author was definitely inspired by when creating the Pandora’s Box mod, it’s the lucky blocks. After all, here in fashion, there is exactly the same mechanics of total randomness. You open it – you get an unexpected result in Minecraft for Android… To spawn a block, use in MCBE команду /give @p add:pandora_box.

Wither Spawn |  Mod Pandora's Box

You might think that when you open these boxes, the hero in MKPE only a bad event awaits. This is not the case: there is cool loot, rare blocks, and, in general, a lot of useful things. True, it will spawn much less often. By the way, you can even fight the Searcher in Minecraft BEif you’re not at all lucky.

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