Mod Overlord of Wizards for Minecraft on Android and iOS

The master of wizards has the ability to teleport, and can also cast up to 5 spells at the same time, which allows him to inflict incredible damage. To defeat this boss, we strongly recommend that you put on diamond or netherite armor, have a netherite sword, a totem of immortality, a great desire to win.


  • Health – 1650
  • Able to summon 5 spellcasters
  • Owns teleportation
  • Main attack – fireballs

If you cannot defeat this wizard alone, then you always have the opportunity to call your friends for help and fight shoulder to shoulder with your comrades.

How do I summon a boss?

To summon the Lord of Wizards, you can use the Summoning Egg, which you will find in your creative inventory, or use the command / summon sw: supreme_wizard

How to install the mod you can read here

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