Mod Outlandish furniture | Fancy Furniture for Minecraft

If you want to create an office in your house in Minecraft or stylishly decorate a living space, use mod Fancy Furniture! With it, you will receive a variety of functional furniture that will perfectly fit into the design of a modern home.

Functions of the mod Fancy Furniture Fancy Furniture

Steve on the armchair |  Mod Outlandish furniture

One of the features of this fashion – the seller is Sven. He travels through birch forests with his elk and sells new furniture. Sven is very nice, and therefore there is a welcoming clap when he arrives.

Furniture in MKPE:

  • Columns with great melodies by Patrick de Arteaga;
  • Bar chairs;
  • Folding sun loungers;
  • Bookshelves;
  • Fans;
  • Office chairs.

Alex on the chair |  Mod Outlandish furniture

To turn on a speaker, you need to tame it with a redstone. To play the melody, press the column the first time, to stop – the second. The total track length is approximately 12 minutes. If you want to move the columns, destroy them.

Jukebox |  Mod Outlandish furniture

This will give you a spawn egg, from which these columns can be spawned anywhere.

Fan activation in Minecraft identical. Use the red stone to tame, and to turn it on and off, press once and twice, respectively.

Update 4.0

Crafting gold coins |  Mod Outlandish furniture

Several new items have appeared in the mod, as well as gold coins that are used in Minecraft Bedrock for the operation of various devices. In addition, some of the furniture items received changed mechanics of use. Also, the author has fixed a number of errors.

Update 5.0

There are even more pieces of furniture in the modification.

BBQ craft |  Mod Outlandish furniture


Craft coffee machines |  Mod Outlandish furniture

Coffee machine.

Stool Crafting |  Mod Outlandish furniture

You can scratch the stool on the workbench.

Stool Crafting |  Mod Outlandish furniture

Coffee table.

Table craft |  Mod Outlandish furniture

Cup holder.

Craft cups |  Mod Outlandish furniture

A coffee cup.

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