Mod Ore Turtles | Ore Turtles for Minecraft

There is practically no use from turtle shells in Minecraft Bedrock – a helmet that can be crafted is too bad in terms of characteristics. Authors mod Ore Turtles decided to “use” in the survival of these reptiles to the fullest.

Functions of the Ore Turtles mod

The twitchtubecreators team has many modsthat allow you to extract minerals in MCPE with animals, and the Ore Turtles is one of them. Total in Minecraft a dozen types of turtles are waiting for you. From each of them you can get a drop in the form of ore. Naturally, the rarer the ore, the less often such a turtle will spawn in Minecraft… Here are the shells you can see animals with:

With coal.

Iron Shell |  Mod Ore Turtles

With iron.

Gold shell |  Mod Ore Turtles

With gold.

Redstone Carapace |  Mod Ore Turtles

With redstone.

Lapis Lazuli Shell |  Mod Ore Turtles

With lapis lazuli.

Emerald |  Mod Ore Turtles

With emerald.

Diamond |  Mod Ore Turtles

With a diamond.

Quartz |  Mod Ore Turtles

With quartz.

Carapace of the Nether |  Mod Ore Turtles

With “hellish”.

Netherite |  Mod Ore Turtles

With the netherite.

All turtles have one little secret in the game. If they get close to the ore they wear on their carapace, they will be able to grow it. And this means that, hypothetically, it is possible to obtain ore from an animal almost indefinitely. Have a good game!

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