Mod Ore Trees | Ore Trees for Minecraft

Via mod Ore Trees your survival in Minecraft Pocket Edition will be easier. At the very least, you will save a lot of time – now you will not need to dig into the bowels to get the cherished diamonds.

All trees |  Mod Ore Trees

A mod called Ore Trees will add to Minecraft on the phone nine new types of trees:

  • Quartz;
  • Emerald;
  • Lapis lazuli;
  • Iron;
  • Coal;
  • Stone;
  • Gold;
  • Diamond;
  • Redstone.

With their help, you can get ore in Minecraft Bedrock Edition in large quantities, and faster. Now let’s see how it works mod… The tree takes up to 6 minutes to grow. The chance that ore will drop with wood is 10 percent. The same goes for the leaves, although they disappear much faster. In addition, you can craft in MCBE seedlings of ore trees. This requires an ordinary seedling and several units of material. Have a good game!

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