Mod Ore of Experience | Exp Ore for Minecraft

We suggest that you forget about calling mobs, endless grind with mod Ore experience! In Minecraft on a tablet, in order to pump a character, you no longer have to bother so much.

How the Exp Ore mod works

The new ore that will appear in the game will allow you to quickly and comfortably level up. Enough to go to the excavation! Experience ore is below Y: 20 and is unmistakable. It glows with an acid color and differs from neighboring blocks in Minecraft for Android.

Experience ore block |  Experience ore mod

Once you’ve collected enough, you can start creating potions. The recipe is below.

Experience Bottle Crafting |  Experience ore mod

In addition to the direct purpose, that is, pumping, mod Experience ore can be used to upgrade a dwelling in Minecraft on the phone… You can use XP blocks as stylish fixtures, as shown in the screenshot below. An example of crafting is also shown there.

Crafting blocks of experience |  Experience ore mod

One way or another, but the invention is useful, and in MCBE definitely come in handy! So we advise you to download the Ore of Experience mod from the link below and try it out on your character. Don’t forget the Experimental Mode!

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