Mod Ore Flowers for Minecraft on Android and iOS

These flowers will grow almost throughout the game world, but some of them will be less common. The more valuable the material, the less often you will find this flower on the surface of the game world.

Types of flowers

  • Diamond flower
  • Charcoal flower
  • Iron flower
  • Golden flower
  • Lapis lazuli

All of the above flowers will grow on the surface in the upper world, but there are 4 types of flowers that will only grow in the lower world.

Underworld flower types

  • Pearl flower
  • Fire Rod Flower
  • Quartz flower
  • Netherite Flower

Any of these flowers can be crafted in the crafting table to obtain the corresponding ore. For example, 1 diamond flower in the processing field will give you 3 diamonds, and a netherite flower will give you 2 netherite ingots.

How to install the mod you can read here

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