Mod on complex mobs Hurt Me Plenty for Minecraft PE 1.18

The cruel cubic world is getting even tougher. The Hurt Me Plenty mod will make the monsters more dangerous, which will add difficulty to the survival mode. The behavior of vanilla mobs has been reworked. Now they don’t behave like bobbleheads or whipping pillows. They prey on the players and drive the victims. You will need to collect a set of durable armor, an enchanted sword and healing items in order to go on night outings or in dungeons.

Add-on development: mno.


  • Witches became more aggressive. When they die, they leave behind voodoo dolls.
  • Skeletons do not burn in the sun and shoot accurately.
  • Ghasts release deadly fireballs.
  • Zombie run faster. You will meet the Giant.
  • Creepers destroy buildings in the blink of an eye.
  • phantoms hunt in packs at night.
  • Raids robbers merciless. It’s time to prepare for war.
  • rabbits – night killers
  • pigmen do not expect guests.
  • iron golems better not to touch.
  • monsters from dungeons, tombs and dimensions have also changed.


Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Video review


  • Download the mod for complex mobs in Minecraft on your phone.
  • Unzip “.zip” and double-tap on “.mcpack” or “.mcaddon“.
  • Activate the imported resource set in the world settings.
  • Enable the Experimental Gameplay item in the settings.

Download Hurt Me Plenty Mod

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