Mod New Trees | Hog’s Trees for Minecraft

FROM mod New trees (Hog’s Trees) you will no longer get apples from oak trees in Minecraft on Android. Developed in general in the course that there are apple trees? Here the author of the mod knows for sure about this.

Functions of the Hog’s Trees mod

Now the vegetation is in Minecraft Bedrock Edition will become much more diverse. IN fashion New Trees (Hog’s Trees), so far, there are four types of trees. They will all grow in Minecraft, in certain biomes, of course. Be sure that you will not find a blooming apple tree among the snow.

Cherry tree.

Mangrove tree |  Mod New Trees


Coconut tree |  Mod New Trees

Coconut palm.

Apple tree |  Mod New Trees

Apple tree.

It is possible that the author will add even more tree species. All of them will come in handy in Minecraft… Have a good game!

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