Mod New pets for Minecraft on Android and iOS

Also, in order to tame new animals, 2 types of new food will be added to the game, it will be sunflower seeds for taming hamsters and frogs for taming raccoons.


This creature can be found almost anywhere in the game, it eats beef and frog meat. To tame it, just feed it one of the above treats.


These creatures will also appear throughout the game world, but if raccoons appear one at a time, then the hamsters will spawn immediately in groups of 2 – 3 individuals. These fluffy animals are very fond of seeds, so only tame them.


These creatures will live next to fresh water in the game and, unfortunately, it will not be possible to tame them, they will be used as food for raccoons.

Features of the mod:

  • All new animals can follow you
  • Raccoon and Hamster have sitting animation
  • Use raw or cooked frog meat to breed raccoons
  • Use sunflower seeds to breed hamsters

How to install the mod you can read here

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