Mod New Hellstone | Netherrack Plus for Minecraft

After installation mod New Hellstone (Netherrack Plus) you will be able to create unusual blocks. The author decided to return the old name and appearance to the blocks.

Netherrack Plus fashion features

Few remember, but before the hell stones in Minecraft for Android were called bloody. Then one of the developers tweeted a couple of lines about him, and the block was renamed in the game. So you and I, we now know it under the name of the hellish stone.

In addition to its appearance, the bloodstone had other properties as well. With the New Hellstone Mod (Netherrack Plus) you can learn more about how everything used to be in the Nether Minecraft PE.

Comparison of Hell and Blood Stone |  Mod New Hellstone

Bloodstone Generation |  Mod New Hellstone

Bloodstone in the Nether |  Mod New Hellstone

Bloody stone in hell |  Mod New Hellstone

Hole in a former lava source |  Mod New Hellstone

The most interesting thing is that mod does not replace existing Hellstones, both options will be available.

Fire on Nether Blocks |  Mod New Hellstone

Orange and blue fire on nether blocks |  Mod New Hellstone

Comparison of regular and smooth bloodstone |  Mod New Hellstone

Comparison of regular and compressed stone |  Mod New Hellstone

Features of the bloodstone:

  • generated in the Nether;
  • unlike a standard stone, on a bloody fire it goes out over time;
  • there is a regular and smooth bloodstone;
  • to get a smooth block, you need a stone cutter or a crafting recipe for MCBE;
  • the third variation is a compressed blood stone (it differs only in size).

Smooth Bloodstone Crafting |  Mod New Hellstone

Getting regular blocks from compressed ones |  Mod New Hellstone

Getting regular blocks from compressed ones in inventory |  Mod New Hellstone

Inventory Blocks |  Mod New Hellstone

You can download the mod for free at the link below. Have a good game!

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