Mod Mystical Plants | Mystica Crops for Minecraft

If you prefer to plant flowers, and not climb caves in Minecraft for ore, then mod entitled Mystical plants (Mystica Crops) will suit you perfectly.

Ore bushes |  Mod Mystical Plants

First feature fashion Mystica Crops – plants from ore in MCPE… Why gouge the rock with a pick when the ore can be planted? There are eight types of bushes in total.

Bone Meal Uses |  Mod Mystical Plants

Piece of ore |  Mod Mystical Plants

After landing, they do not need to be destroyed – you will get nothing. We destroy only after it grows completely – then you get a piece of ore and seeds in MCBE.

Golem to collect |  Mod Mystical Plants

Collection station |  Mod Mystical Plants

A new mob – a golem-collector, will help you in farming. Has its own menu with commands and operates in six modes – automatic is preferable. Use the golem pearl to spawn the mob.

Command menu |  Mod Mystical Plants

The Gathering Station is a new mechanism that will allow the golem to give back the good it has got.

Mystical Wood |  Mod Mystical Plants

The author of the mod also provided for Minecraft BE a new kind of boards – mystical. To get it, you need to get a bell.

Bell - getting an item |  Mod Mystical Plants

The item is obtained by using a mystical book on a water lily. It must be thrown into the water, as in the screenshot.

Don’t forget to activate experimental gameplay options in the settings cards.

Crafting Recipes |  Mod Mystical Plants

Update 1.2

There are several changes awaiting us in fashion:

  • the crafting of the mystical wand has changed;
  • Changed crafting of netherite plant seeds;
  • the author has fixed bugs with blocks;
  • a new type of boards and wood has been implemented.

Have a good game!

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