Mod Motor boats | Powerboats for Minecraft

FROM fashion Motor boats (Powerboats) you can even master a round-the-world voyage in Minecraft BE, if it still existed. But that significantly replenish your fleet of vehicles – guaranteed.

Hover and submarine |  Mod Motor boats

Submarine craft |  Mod Motor boats

The submarine is perfect for Minecraft Bedrock Edition to explore the depths of the oceans and seas. Alternatively, you can take multiple players with you. But for the repair, you should use iron ingots or redstone.

Hover craft |  Mod Motor boats

The Powerboats modification also adds a hovercraft. She swims fast and is very maneuverable, what can I say. Repair before it breaks – it will not drop a spawn egg in Minecraft… Use redstone and iron ingots.

Boat |  Mod Motor boats

Craft boats |  Mod Motor boats

A fragile but very fast vehicle is a speedboat. IN fashion presented 9 textures… However, speed comes at the price of strength. Camouflage boats are an exception, but they do not sail as fast.

Jet ski |  Mod Motor boats

Jet Ski Crafting |  Mod Motor boats

You can also have fun on jet skis. The author has provided 5 color options. In terms of speed, they are comparable only to boats. Use the bars to fix it – as before. And if one breaks, then the spawn egg will drop.

Fishing boat |  Mod Motor boats

Fishing boat crafting |  Mod Motor boats

Well, and, finally, the most budgetary option is a fishing boat. By speed in Minecraft Bedrock does not even differ from vanilla. Designed for three players. Happy sailing!

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