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Do you think that in Minecraft Bedrock there must be more zombies? Modification More Zombies adds 6 zombies to the game with behavior that is different from that of a normal zombie.

Functions of the More Zombies mod

All zombies |  Mod More zombies

Here are the types of zombies in Minecraft implements the More Zombies modification:

  • archer
  • teleporting
  • summoner
  • invisible
  • explosive
  • werewolf
  • colored
  • fiery
  • boss.

Several new zombies |  Mod More zombies

New zombies |  Mod More zombies

New types of zombies |  Mod More zombies

Neutral zombies will appear in the game even during the day, and hostile ones can only be found at night. You can meet the boss in Minecraft PE only if any of the zombies are struck by lightning. In addition, the author has made several important changes to modifications:

  • skeletal horse will just spawn in the world
  • fixed rate of fire for the archer
  • fixed boss – now he does not attack other zombies
  • in addition, you have the opportunity to tame neutral zombies.

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