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Tired of the same type of windows Minecraft? Mod «More Windows +»Will add to your world two new windows with which you can make your work more interesting and detailed.

Each of the two types of windows has several varieties based on different materials. Currently available oak, birch, acacia, spruce, jungle trees, dark oak, crimson, distorted, as well as iron and gold.

All windows are available in Minecraft both in survival mode and in creativity. You can use the command “/give“, as well as “/function windowsplus“, Which will give you all the windows at once.

After the destruction of the window, the frames from the corresponding tree will remain.


Single framed windows. Step 1. First, create a single frame window base using 8 sticks and 1 glass pane. One craft gives 4 frames at once. The recipe is attached below, in addition, all used recipes can be found in the crafting book.

Step 2. In this step, select a tree of any kind and connect it to the eight frames made in the previous step.

Framed windows. Step 1. First, create a window base with 4 sticks and 1 window base with one frame. One craft gives two items at once.

Step 2. Using the eight window frames created in the first step and a block of any tree, craft a framed window.

Metal windows. They have great explosion resistance and are immune to fire. The recipes for crafting are listed below (they are also in the recipe book in Minecraft Bedrock).



You can open and close windows, as well as throw objects through them. To work properly fashion you need to enable experimental gameplay.

Installing More Windows + (.mcpack)

  • Download mod with notice – “.mcpack“Below.
  • Run the downloaded file, thereby you import the addon / texture into Minecraft.
  • Open up Minecraft Pocket Edition and go to world settings.
  • Set for the world imported:
    Resource kits.
    Add-on kits.
  • Select the imported resource packs / addon in each section.
  • We recommend restarting the game client after that. Minecraft PE.
  • Run Minecraft Pocket Edition, go to the previously configured world Minecraft and enjoy the addon!

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