Mod More Weapons | More Weapons for Minecraft


FROM mod More weapons (More Weapons) your hero will receive several new swords and daggers in Minecraft for Android, which you can successfully use on various monsters and mobs!

What the More Weapons mod gives

At your disposal, after installing the More Weapons mod, of course, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition new swords and daggers will appear.

New swords |  Mod More weapons

They are easy enough to craft, and according to their characteristics, the author did not do something imbalanced – everything is normal and will not have a serious impact on the gameplay in MCBE.

Daggers |  Mod More weapons

With daggers in MCPE still more interesting. In addition to the fact that they do half the damage, you also need even less resources to craft them.

Swords and Daggers |  Mod More weapons

To mod worked, turn on experimental game settings. Enjoy your passage!

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