Mod More types of zombies | More Zombies for Minecraft

If you are tired of the same zombies, then feel free to install More Zombies modification, which will be able to diversify the whole thing in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn. No more the same things!

Mod will add to Minecraft eight new types of dead that you will meet in a variety of places.

Cave Zombies:

  • 20 HP;
  • 3 units of damage;
  • Can be found in large crowds.

Revived Scarecrow |  Mod More types of zombies

Straw Dead:

  • A large amount of health – 200 units;
  • Can deal 30 points of damage;
  • Spawns near villages.

Zombie Edge |  Mod More types of zombies

Ender Zombie:

  • Knows how to teleport;
  • Imposes the effect of hunger;
  • Spawns at night.

Mummy |  Mod More types of zombies


  • Average zombie characteristics;
  • Spawns in deserts.

Diamond Zombie |  Mod More types of zombies

Diamond Zombie:

  • Large supply of HP;
  • Weak attack;
  • Spawns at the lower levels.

Zombies from the swamps |  Mod More types of zombies

Zombies can be:

  • Applies poison;
  • HP 40 units;
  • 6 units of attack.

Glacier |  Mod More types of zombies

Ice Dead:

  • Spawns in cold biomes;
  • Knows how to freeze;
  • 30 units of HP.

Zombies from Hell |  Mod More types of zombies

Hell Zombie:

  • Imposes a drain for 30 sec .;
  • Has 100 HP;
  • Spawns in the Nether, and only there.

All monsters fashion have their own spawn eggs in Minecraft PE… You can test them out by adding them through the creative inventory. Have a good game!

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