Mod More ore and weapons

Author mod More ore and weapons (Advanced Ores And Weapons) offers you an extensive list of crafting materials as well as weapons that you can now craft. You can believe that no enemy in Minecraft Pocket Edition will be happy with such a replenishment in the arsenal.

Mod functions Advanced Ores And Weapons

Collection of swords |  Mod More ore and weapons

The modification will add to MKPE:

  • swords;
  • axes;
  • hammers;
  • gems;
  • new ore.

Netherite in the region |  Mod More ore and weapons

Let’s start parsing the Advanced Ores And Weapons mod by parsing gems. They will spawn at different levels (along the Y axis, of course). At 12th soil level in Minecraft Bedrock and below:

  • vibranium;
  • Ore of the Edge;
  • fiery meteorites;
  • halite;
  • azurite;
  • pieces of rainbow;
  • titanium;
  • uranium;
  • onyx;
  • amethyst;
  • pink diamond;
  • topaz;
  • ruby;
  • sapphire.

At level 22 and below:

  • aquamarine;
  • cobalt;
  • palladium;
  • platinum;
  • gravitite
  • the period;
  • iridium.

At level 75 and below:

  • copper;
  • lead;
  • lead;
  • silver;
  • nickel;
  • busy;
  • ragweed.


Swords Creation Menu |  Mod More ore and weapons

Of all these ingredients in Minecraft PE you can craft an impressive amount of weapons:

  • ordinary swords (from 5 to 36 damage units);
  • ethereal swords (from 5 to 8 damage units);
  • meteorite swords (from 18 to 70 damage units);
  • super swords (from 6 to 60 damage units);
  • axes (from 5 to 15 damage units);
  • hammers (from 22 to 145 damage units);
  • ultimate swords (from 75 to 400 damage units);
  • destructive swords (from 15 to 240 damage units).

Each type of weapon has its own craft, which requires different materials.


Netherite in the Nether |  Mod More ore and weapons

Most of the ores in the Advanced Ores And Weapons mod are available in the normal world. For others, you will have to visit Nether or End, in order to get them in MCPE… For example, this applies to netherite ore that spawns in the nether world. There are three more variations of it in fashion, which are found only in the Territory.

And here are some screenshots of crafting resources:

Ingot creation |  Mod More ore and weapons

Fire Gem |  Mod More ore and weapons

Leather processing |  Mod More ore and weapons

Ambrosium |  Mod More ore and weapons

To modification worked adequately, be sure to turn on all the functions of the experimental game. Enjoy your passage!

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