Mod More Equipment | More Gear for Minecraft

Naturally, to get armor from the mod More Gear, you need to find new types of ore in Minecraft Pocket Edition. All new blocks can be found in the game or obtained using the creative inventory.

Crafting Examples |  Mod More equipment

Be sure to watch the breakdown fashion More Gear in the video for MCPE… In it you can learn about the process of crafting new armor.

Bone Breaker Armor |  Mod More equipment

Bonebreaker Armor. An improved version of netherite armor in Minecraft Bedrock Edition… They look cool.

Mechanical Armor |  Mod More equipment

Mechanical armor. The option is even better, but it cannot be enchanted.

Mystic Armor |  Mod More equipment

Armor of the mystic. They have the same characteristics as mechanical ones, but they can be enchanted.

Legendary Armor |  Mod More equipment

Legendary armor in Minecraft PE… The coolest (at the moment) equipment option.

Fashion tool |  Mod More equipment

Now for a few details. In addition to armor, you can also craft new tools and weapons. To obtain some materials, you will need to use the silk touch enchantment. Well, and finally, the two coolest armor sets are created from parts of the old ones – don’t rush to throw them away. Be sure to enable for kart experimental game features. Enjoy your passage!

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