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Frankly speaking, in the MCPE everything “magic” is rather poorly developed. But thanks to such modam as More Sword Enchantment there is plenty to choose from. In addition, the mod will significantly enhance your hero or heroine.

How to use the Sword Enchantment mod

Floor pattern |  More enchantments

Before enchanting the swords, create exactly the same pattern as in the screenshot from MCBE.

The table is enchanted  More charms

Craft backgrounds |  More enchantments

Create a table from the Sword Enchantment mod, and be sure to place it on the diamond block in the center of the pattern.

Activated table |  More enchantments

If a sword appears above the workbench, that everything works as it should. If not, you may have missed something during construction.

Inscription |  More enchantments

Test his ability to work. Give the character a MCPE hold a diamond sword and move it to the enchantment table. An inscription should appear above the center of the hotbar – everything works.


The author has provided for Minecraft for Android nine enchantments that are applied to swords.

Accelerated growth |  More enchantments

Yield increase:

  • holding the sword in your hands, stand on the plant – it will grow much faster.

Freezing |  More enchantments


  • no comment – the effect is obvious.

Vampirism |  More enchantments

Vampirism effect:

  • takes the victim’s health on impact and gives it to the hero.

Lightning |  More enchantments


  • any blow provokes a lightning strike.

Poison |  More enchantments


  • guess what it does.

Explosion |  More enchantments


  • creates a powerful explosion, be careful when using!

Teleportation |  More enchantments


  • aim at the place where you want to teleport and press “sneak”.

Searing |  More enchantments

Desiccation effect:

  • like poison, but affects any mobs in the game.

Luck |  More enchantments

Luck Effect:

  • creates a random destructive effect on the victim.

Swords from fashion can be obtained through the Creative Inventory. Also, the author corrected their performance under water – now everything is as it should. Be sure to activate experimental features in the game.

Experimental Features |  More enchantments

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