Mod More Creepers | MB’s More Creepers for Minecraft

And without the mod MB’s More Creepers, the chair can burn from these vanilla-wrapped creatures. Especially annoying when it happens in Minecraft Pocket Edition after the tedious construction of your house, well, or something like that. Well, now it will be even more difficult.

Features of the mod MB’s More Creepers

The main feature of the MB’s More Creepers mod is Minecraft for Android that all creepers are really different. And this applies not only to them textures and models. In total, the mod offers six types of these green kamikaze.

Little creeper |  Mod More creepers

Creeper Baby:

  • found in MKPE less often than others;
  • tamed by gunpowder;
  • spawns as a neutral mob.

Creeper sneaked up |  Mod More creepers

Camouflage Creeper:

  • spawn less often than usual;
  • have less health;
  • their speed is slightly faster than usual;
  • very difficult to spot in the grass.

In the nether world |  Mod More creepers

Nether Creeper:

  • can only be found in the Nether world;
  • has a greater supply of health;
  • can drop a fire rod;
  • sets fire to the area when it explodes.

In the region |  Mod More creepers

Creeper Edge:

  • has 28 HP;
  • have a high speed in Minecraft PE;
  • know how to teleport;
  • only appear in the End World.

Fast Creeper |  Mod More creepers

Agile Creeper:

Kripo Pig |  Mod More creepers

Pork-creep … Kripo-pig … In general, call it what you want. No comments – these are the wonders of genetic engineering from the author fashion… Have a good game!

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