Mod More Bows | Plus Bows for Minecraft

Have noticed that the majority mods in Minecraft devoted to melee weapons? You can’t surprise anyone with a sword, spear or ax. But addon More bows (PlusBows) you will definitely like it.

Before creating weapons of the Plus Bows mod, you need to craft in Minecraft BE a universal resource is a special stone. It is created in Minecraft from emeralds and is a necessary component for almost all recipes modifications… And there is darkness here. At the moment, you can create any of 30 pieces.

  • Two diamond bows;
  • Two golden bows;
  • Of iron.

Crafting bows |  Mod More bows

  • Several redstone;
  • A pair of emerald;
  • Two lapis lazuli.

Crafting bows modifications |  Mod More bows

  • The end;
  • From netherite (2 options);
  • Several obsidian;
  • From blocks of explosives.

Bows Recipes |  Mod More bows

  • Magic bow;
  • Heavenly;
  • Bow of the Stars;
  • Bow of Slowing;
  • Batman;
  • Rainbow.

Mesh crafting fashion |  Mod More bows

  • Student and small;
  • With regeneration effect;
  • Legendary;
  • Two medieval.

A distinctive feature of the new bows is that they have a Minecraft Bedrock unique properties, as well as endless durability when used. Bows can be obtained both through the creative inventory of the MCBE and using the console command / function Plus_Bows. Well, and, of course, you can craft them. Have a good game!

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