Mod More barrels | Barrel Deco for Minecraft

Via mod More barrels (Barrel Deco) you can get new items to decorate your home in Bedrock Edishn Minecraft. It remains only to figure out how to place all this.

If you want to create a home in Minecraft for Android in medieval style, then a mod called More barrels (Barrel Deco) is ideal, because it is in this style that textures and barrel models.

Total author fashion invites you to place a dozen barrels with different contents. Since the modification is a bit damp, there may be minor bugs in MCBE… Namely, drawing sometimes disappears, and the block icon on the quick access panel is distorted. To get one of the vaults, use the Minecraft with a console command, as in the screenshots.

Apples |  Mod More barrels

Carrots |  Mod More barrels

Fish |  Mod More barrels

Potatoes |  Mod More barrels

Water |  Mod More barrels

Empty barrel |  Mod More barrels

To use the boxes, enable experimental features of the game in the world settings.

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