Mod More Axolotls | More Axolotl Variants for Minecraft


With modification More Axolotl Variants you can see more external variations for amphibians in Minecraft Pocket Edition. On the chance of spawning creatures from fashion coloring does not affect.

Features of modification More Axolotl Variants

All axolotls |  Mod More Axolotls

Axolotls with a new coloration will spawn in Minecraft Bedrock Edition like ordinary creatures. Alternatively, you can breed them.

Here are the colors the More Axolotl Variants addon will add:

The black

Black |  Mod More Axolotls


Orange |  Mod More Axolotls


Red |  Mod More Axolotls


Green |  Mod More Axolotls


White |  Mod More Axolotls

IN MCBE there is one small graphical bug. After you put it in the bucket, the mob and modifications his name is not shown. In future updates, the author will add more colors.

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