Mod Modern Equipment | Advanced Machinery for Minecraft

FROM mod Advanced Machinery you will receive mechanisms that will serve you excellently in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn in survival mode.

When using the Advanced Machinery mod, you will not need to think about laying all kinds of cables from the power source to the mechanisms in Minecraft PE – everything is automated. First of all, create a power core in which energy will collect and spread.

There are 6 types of generators in the Advanced Machinery mod:

  • Carbonic;
  • Lava;
  • Solar;
  • Dragon Eggs;
  • Water;
  • Biological.

They generate a certain amount of energy in Minecraft Pocket Edition when using the following materials:

  • Coal;
  • Lava;
  • Build up from the sun;
  • Obtained from Dragon Eggs;
  • From plants;
  • Obtained from water.

Conveyor |  Mod Modern Equipment

Using the mod, you can create the following mechanisms that consume energy in Minecraft Bedrock:

  • Mine – can create ore;
  • Automatic furnace – melts and doubles ore;
  • Sieve – can process sand, gravel and earth;
  • Tank – converts foliage into water;
  • Material Changer – changes blocks to better ones;
  • Harvest Auto – harvests within a 7×7 radius when placed;
  • Conveyor – moves blocks;
  • Teleportator – moves the GG to the Edge;
  • Felling – when placed next to trees, allows you to get wood;
  • Nether mob spawner;
  • Ender creature spawner;
  • Monster spawner.

Stoves |  Mod Modern Equipment

Please note that a separate kernel must be used for each aggregate! Operability fashion on versions other than 1.16.100 is not guaranteed, do not forget to enable experimental mode in the game in the settings.

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