Mod Mimic | Mimic for Minecraft

IN mode Mimic you will meet, probably, the most insidious custom mob for Minecraft Bedrock Edishn. Still would! Anyone would envy such a disguise.

Total modification Mimic will add to Minecraft for Android six varieties of these monsters. Five of them pose a serious danger to the hero.

Одинарный мимик |  Mod Mimic


  • Looks like a single chest;
  • Has serious damage;
  • Drops valuable materials, ingots;
  • Spawns even in structures;
  • To spawn, use an egg or the / summon rpg: mimic command.

Big mimicry |  Mod Mimic

Big facial expression:

  • Even cooler than single;
  • Can swanshot without armor;
  • Can drop diamonds;
  • Command / summon rpg: mimic _large, or spawn egg.

Мимик Края |  Mod Mimic


  • Looks exactly like the End Chest;
  • / summon rpg: mimic_ender – enter to spawn, or use an egg;
  • Knows how to move.

Mimic bottle |  Mod Mimic


  • Textures under an ordinary barrel, but we know who it hides;
  • Can swim;
  • Drops “sea” items.

Mimic big |  Mod Mimic

Big mimic:

  • Nothing can be distinguished from an ordinary golem;
  • The iron golems cannot see them;
  • The inhabitants are not interested in him;
  • Use the / summon rpg command: mimic_golem – until it spawns itself;
  • There is a spawn egg.

Heart mimicry |  Mod Mimic

Every facial expression in Minecraft BE drops a heart, which is needed to craft a friendly monster. He will help you carry things. They are tamed, by the way, by the hearts of mimics.

Crafting Assistant |  Mod Mimic

Helper |  Mod Mimic

In addition, you can craft in MCBE and a “double” pet.

Update 1.1.9

In the new version of the mod, the author has added several interesting mobs. Bugs have been fixed. In addition, a new pet has appeared:

  • takes damage from water;
  • teleported;
  • you need to tame.

Have a good game!

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