Mod Microblocks | Mcflower’s Microblocks for Minecraft

FROM Mcflower’s Microblocks you can upgrade your buildings in Minecraft Pocket Edition, and many times over. With this creation, you can create unimaginable buildings and interiors.

So. Mod called Microblocks (Mcflower’s Microblocks) will allow you to decorate interiors in MKPE.

Bedroom decor |  Mod Microblocks

Window to the street |  Mod Microblocks

Fireplace |  Mod Microblocks

Create secret rooms and hidden passages.

Secret Room |  Mod Microblocks

Build many parkour elements in MCPE.

Parkour elements |  Mod Microblocks

Upgrade buildings in cities.

Decor in the city |  Mod Microblocks

There are 9 types of blocks in the mod, among which there are:

  • Beams;
  • Angles;
  • Plates;
  • Railing;
  • Ladders.

They can be created from all types of boards, as well as from:

  • Stone;
  • Quartz;
  • Gland;
  • Sandstone;
  • The bedrock.

Materials for blocks |  Mod Microblocks

Create blocks separately in Minecraft PE not yet – we are waiting for the update. They can be obtained through the Creative Inventory, or by entering one of these commands into the console.

Block Commands |  Mod Microblocks

Have a good game!

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