Mod Mermaids Ex-Mermaids for Minecraft

If your hero or heroine needs a travel companion for Minecraft on Android, then Mermaids (Ex-Mermaids) will be a great option in this fashion… In addition, they can be transformed into other fantasy creatures.

Functions of the Ex-Mermaids mod

Nautilus Shell |  Mermaid Mod

So, first, we find mermaids and tame them in Minecraft… And this can be done with the help of a nautilus shell.

When you get tired of swimming in the ocean-sea, you can turn her into a completely different creature, and even a person. To do this, create in Minecraft BE one of two amulets – iron or gold.

Gold amulet |  Mermaid Mod

Iron amulet |  Mermaid Mod

They are the same in their properties, the differences are only in textures and strength.

Crafting a gold amulet |  Mermaid Mod

Crafting an iron amulet |  Mermaid Mod

The transformation of mermaids |  Mermaid Mod

Mermaids (Ex-Mermaids) transform into one of the following creatures:

  • lamia;
  • harpy;
  • human;
  • or vice versa – a mermaid.

All kinds of mermaids |  Mermaid Mod

In total, the author of the mod offers more than twenty varieties of creatures in Minecraft.

Crafting an iron comb |  Mermaid Mod

Craft gold combs |  Mermaid Mod

And if you want, you can change her hairstyle – the author of the mod also took care of this. Create an iron or gold comb. Again, the only difference is in strength. There are five types of hairstyles available now. If the companion is injured, use the first aid kit to heal.

Kraft first aid kits  Mod Mermaids

To modification worked, turn on experimental game settings. Enjoy your passage!

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