Mod Medical items for Minecraft on Android

In addition to the fact that these items will heal you, they also restore hunger well. In total, this modification has 6 medical items that will allow you to heal both minor injuries and completely heal you.

This invention is familiar to everyone who has ever broken his arms or legs. Now this item will appear in the game Minecraft and will be able to restore you 3 health hearts.

This more useful invention will be able to heal almost any of your wounds and will fully restore the health bar and give an additional 3 hearts.

The medicine in the game will help you play with any negative effects you might get. To create a medicine, you first need to craft an empty bottle, and then fill it.

First aid kit
This item will allow you to fully restore health to the jackal, even if it is almost at the very end.

Enchanted first aid kit
Just like the usual one, it will fully restore your health reserve, and also impose positive buffs on you with the help of which you will move faster.

Medicinal decoction
This broth will be prepared from various medicinal plants and will be able to completely relieve you of hunger. After use, you will be left with an empty bowl.

IMPORTANT!!! For the mod to work, turn on the experimental game mode in the world settings !!!
Installation instructions for the mod!

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