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Cacti in Minecraft are not the most useful plants. It is unlikely that players will create cactus farms for the sake of green dyes. The plant was added to improve deserts, not for everyday use. Author fashion Magic Cactus I decided fix this and add a lot of cactus-related features.

Cactus workbench
This is where all the add-on items will be created. Crafting requires 8 cacti.

Cactus workbench

Getting prickly pear seeds
Cactus and watermelon seeds will help you get prickly pear seeds. The seeds will help create a variety of things.

Getting prickly pear seeds
  • Ice cactus seed: prickly pear and ice
  • Water cactus seed: prickly pear and water lily
  • Magma Cactus Seed: prickly pear and magma block
  • Horus Cactus Seed: prickly pear and chorus fruit
  • Cactus slime seed: prickly pear and mucus ball

Getting seeds in a stone cutter

Getting seeds in a stone cutter


  • Cacti only grow on certain blocks:
    • Thorny, Slimy, and Watery: Block of Grass and Mud
    • Ice: a block of grass, mud and snow
    • Magma: Block of Soul Sand, Soul Soil and Magma
    • Horus: Enderstone
  • A few minutes after growth, the cactus drops prickly pears and seeds
Different types of cacti

Different types of prickly pears
Each of them restores 1 unit of hunger, poison for 2 seconds, and positive effects for 15 seconds.

  • Opuntia: no
  • Mucous prickly pear: increased jump, nausea and poison for 2 seconds
  • Chorus prickly pear: levitation
  • Magma Opuntia: Fire Resistance
  • Water prickly pear: underwater breathing
  • Ice prickly pear: strength and slowdown
Different types of prickly pears

Compacted prickly pears
Improved version of prickly pears: the effects last 60 seconds, and eating it restores 4 units of hunger.

Compacted prickly pears
Craft compacted prickly pears

Magic sticks

  • Durability: 13 units
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • Effect duration: 25 seconds
  • Slimy Magic Wand: Jump Increase 2
  • Chorus Magic Wand: Levitation 2
  • Magma Magic Wand: Fire Resistance
  • Water Magic Wand: Underwater Breathing
  • Ice Magic Wand: Strength 2
Magic sticks

First, an empty stick is crafted from sticks, two prickly pears and lapis lazuli.

Empty magic wand

The magic wand will require an empty magic wand, two sticks and 2 compacted prickly pears.

Crafting a magic wand

Mystical sticks

  • Durability: 20 units
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Replace blocks within one block radius of the player
  • Mucous Mystic Wand: Cobblestone to Slime
  • Mystical Chorus Wand: Edgestone to Purple Block
  • Magma Mystic Wand: Lava to Magma
  • Water Mystic Wand: Water Into Tubular Coral
  • Ice Mystic Wand: Water Into Ice
Mystical sticks

Crafting requires 8 prickly pears and a magic wand.

Mystical sticks craft

Don’t forget to turn on Experimental options in the map settings

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