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Finding a car for Minecraft PE is not a problem at all – there are hundreds mods on this topic, but there are no such ones that lowriders add, with the exception of Lowrider… Those who have played GTA; San Andreas know firsthand about the mission, where you had to dance on these machines.

Functions of the Lowrider mod

Front view |  Mod Lowrider

What makes a lowrider different from a regular car? That’s right – the venerable age of the car, as well as low ground clearance (Priors do not count). So it is with the Lowrider mod, which gives you the opportunity to ride a couple of these beauties.

Rear lights |  Mod Lowrider

These machines have Minecraft Bedrock there is almost everything you need:

  • excellent models and textures;
  • detailed salon;
  • pleasant and non-aggressive appearance;
  • an abundance of chromium;
  • speedometer implemented;
  • steering wheel and wheels have rotation animation;
  • has 4 seats.

Top view |  Mod Lowrider

Unfortunately, in this fashion it is impossible to realize their specific suspension, as well as magnesium linings to carve out sparks from under the rear bumper.

Lowrider headlight |  Mod Lowrider

Rear headlight |  Mod Lowrider

But even without these buns, lowriders look in MCPE impressive.

Salon |  Mod Lowrider

To use the car, use one of the commands:

  • /summon hp:lowrider;
  • /summon hp:red_vintage.

What’s new in Lowrider fashion

In the updated version of the modification, the author fixed bugs with cars, and also added a new model! Downloading the file!

New model |  Mod Lowrider

In addition, you can use spawn eggs to get a car in MCBE… Have a good game!

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