Mod Lift | Elevator for Minecraft

We will stipulate right away that in vogue elevator (Elevator) vertical movement is provided, not horizontal. Therefore, the ideal application of the modification is the construction of all kinds of lifts, or elevators in the MCPE. If desired, you can create a real lift system.

How to use the Elevator mod

For construction in the Elevator fashion, you are invited to use a palette of 16 colored blocks in MCPE.

Set of blocks |  Mod Lift

It is very simple to use them – for lifting in Minecraft Bedrock step on the block and then press “jump”. For the descent, respectively, you need to press the “sneak” button. To craft an elevator block, you need to use an Ender pearl, as well as 8 one-color wool blocks.

Craft lift  Mod Lift

And now, with your permission, a small instruction on the safety rules and the use of elevators in Minecraft for Android… Vertical movement.

How it works |  Mod Lift

Do not place blocks of the Elevator mod more than 10 blocks away.

Block distance |  Mod Lift

Only single color blocks can be used in this fashion… Otherwise, the elevator will not work.

Combination of blocks |  Mod Lift

Do not forget about activating experimental features in Minecraft PE… Have a good game!

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