Mod Legacy | Legacy for Minecraft

Not all changes are for the better. For some Minecraft players, Bedrock Edition is so accurate. Many people think that what mobs looked like before is much better than what we have now. Mod called Legacy will help you return to the past.

Several old mobs |  Mod Legacy

Now each player by setting modification Legacy, can enjoy the “past” in Minecraft BE… This add-on does not affect the gameplay, as it only affects textures creatures. Over time, the author will release an update for blocks and items.

At the moment, the list includes 23 mobs from Minecraft PE… Among them, one can distinguish the zombie villager, as well as his “stock” version.

The villager and the zombie |  Mod Legacy

The old look of the wolf.

Old and new wolf |  Mod Legacy

Zombie pigmen found in the Nether MKPE.

Pigmen in the Nether |  Mod Legacy

Have a good game!

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