Mod Lava Sponges | Lava Sponges for Minecraft

Lava Sponges), this is a new kind of blocks fashion in Minecraft for Android, with the help of which your adventures in the Nether world will become even more interesting. Let’s clean up this endless lava!

Functions of the Lava Sponges mod

Used sponge |  Mod Lava Sponges

Lava Sponges are created from a block of magma and basalt in Minecraft… In addition, they are available in Minecraft Pocket Edition through creative inventory. Wait for the supernatural from the block out fashion not worth it – the lava will not go into Minecraft at once. To do this, you have to create a large enough number of sponges. However, it will be much faster than you simply start filling the “hellish reservoir” with ordinary blocks.

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