Mod Large mobs | Big Mobs for Minecraft

Five relatively new creatures will appear in Minecraft on Android. When you download mod entitled Big Mobs, it will become much more difficult to survive. At least when meeting them.

Total modification Big Mobs will add to MCBE five big monsters that are much cooler than ordinary ones. They have a health reserve of 200 units, and have a number of characteristics that depend on the mob itself.

Skeleton |  Mod Big mobs

Large Skeleton deals high damage with arrows.

Zimogor |  Mod Big mobs

Big Zimogor can now freeze in MCPE.

Cadaver |  Mod Big mobs

Large Cadaver inflicts a long-term wither.

Zombie |  Mod Big mobs

Large zombies do not burn in the sun.

Drowned Man |  Mod Big mobs

Large drowned men are immune to repulsion.

Have a good game!

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