Mod Landscape Change | Terrain REmake for Minecraft

Despite the fact that the procedural generation of the world in Minecraft BE is amazing, its main features can get bored. To prevent this from happening, install a mod called Terrain change (TerrainREmake), and exploring the world will become more interesting.

More trees |  Mod Landscape Change

Mod almost completely changes biomes in Minecraft Bedrock… This applies not only to the relief, but also to vegetation. Now you can appreciate the width of the rivers, the really lush foliage and the height of the mountains with the Terrain REmake mod.

Desert biome.

New deserts |  Mod Landscape Change

Forest with flowers. Now its generation can only be detected at altitude.

Flower forest |  Mod Landscape Change

In the savannah, the mountains will become more integral.

Savannah |  Mod Landscape Change

Added small bushes for forests. Podzol blocks will be in MCBE more.

Shrubs in the forest |  Mod Landscape Change

The amount of snow for the mountains has also been increased. But in the lowlands, the amount of grass is noticeably increased.

Snow on the peaks |  Mod Landscape Change

Taiga, this is a humid place. Now it will be in the game. The number of trees has been increased.

Taiga |  Mod Landscape Change

Added small hills for birch forests.

Hills in the forest |  Mod Landscape Change

The Mesa Mountains have been transformed. It is now a truly majestic biome.

Meat |  Mod Landscape Change

Generation has been fixed for cold biomes – no more blocks in the air.

Ice Spikes |  Mod Landscape Change

The number of trees in the snowy taiga has been increased. Don’t get lost!

Snow-covered taiga |  Mod Landscape Change

Oases are now an integral part of any self-respecting desert.

Oasis |  Mod Landscape Change

Rivers flowing through deserts will become virtually dry. Everything is as it should be.

Parched river |  Mod Landscape Change

The rest you can see in Minecraft Pocket Edition with my own eyes, because these are not all changes. Have a good game!

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