Mod Jurassic Transport | Jurassic Craft Vehicles for Minecraft

If you create maps, travel the world Minecraft or just like different types of transport, try mod Jurassic Craft Vehicles!

Functions of the Jurassic Craft Vehicles mod

Ford Explorer:

Ford Explorer, as shown in the film, moves on rails. This vehicle is similar to a trolley in use. Minecraft, and only one player fits into it.


At the moment, there is only one Jeep model available, with a capacity of 4 seats.


The helicopter has the same design as in the first part of the movie “Jurassic Park”. It is a functional vehicle, so you can take off by simply pressing the button below the character. If you look up, the helicopter takes off, down – it descends. Helicopter capacity – one seat.

What’s new in Jurassic Craft Vehicles mod

  • bugs fixed;
  • added new transport;
  • improved textures and models;
  • made some animation fixes.

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