Mod Invisible Ore | Invisible Ore for Minecraft

Anything is possible in a cubic universe, which is why materials fashion Invisible Ore fit so well into Minecraft on your phone.

What will add the mod Invisible Ore

After installing the mod, in Minecraft for Android not only the ore itself will appear, but also new items. How about invisible armor or a sword? Despite the fact that in the Invisible Ore mod, the new items are completely invisible, they can be touched, and the armor has increased durability.

Get such ore in Minecraft it is possible at the level of -15 blocks, next to the diamonds. If you decide to download mod, you will be able to craft an invisible set:

  • helmet;
  • armor;
  • gloves;
  • boots;
  • sword

Crafting recipes for MCBE on the screenshots below.

Helmet Crafting Recipe |  Mod Invisible Ore

Leggings Recipe |  Mod Invisible Ore

Armor Crafting Recipe |  Mod Invisible Ore

Boots Recipe |  Mod Invisible Ore

Sword Crafting Recipe |  Mod Invisible Ore

Important! Do not forget to activate the experimental gameplay, otherwise no ore will be generated in the game.

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