Mod Instant tree building for Minecraft on Android and iOS

How does the mod work?

For the mod to work, enter the command / function RTFsetup after which in the inventory you will find 6 new blocks with which you can control plantings, as well as rotate trees.

  • Tree setup marker
  • Marker Removal Tool
  • Tree selection switch
  • Tree rotation tool
  • Tree generator

In order to plant trees in the necessary places, set markers, after which you can select a planting tool and trees will grow at all established points. To rotate the tree, place a marker and use the tree rotation tool.

IMPORTANT!!! For the mod to work, be sure to enable experimental features in the game, which are shown in the screenshot below.

For a more visual work of this modification, the author has recorded an explanatory video that will answer all your questions.

How to install the mod you can read here

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