Mod Increase ore | Duplication Ores for Minecraft

Ore without registration and SMS! FROM Modification of the Multiplication of ore (Duplication Ores) you can get more ore if you use a device known as a stone cutter in Minecraft for Android.

Let’s discuss this juicy moment right away. If you do not like the honest way of obtaining materials in Minecraft PE, then the Duplication Ores modification will not work for you. Otherwise, you are at the right place!

In total, the mod will allow you to get as much as eight from one unit of material. However, in order to do this in Minecraft PE, enchant the pickaxe with a silk touch, as you will need a regular ore block. Here is one of those.

Available Ore |  Mod Increase ore

Place the ore block in the stone cutter and extract the dust from it.

Dust production |  Mod Increase ore

Then, place a bucket and dust in the furnace and get ore out of it.

Dust Melting |  Mod Increase ore

Unfortunately, modification does not work in Minecraft Bedrock Edition with netherite as well as redstone. An update will appear in the future. Have a good game!

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