Mod Increase Growth | GROWTH for Minecraft

The Growth Growth (GROWTH) modification is something like Rastishka in Minecraft for Android. Only your character doesn’t need to eat anything to get bigger – just install the mod.

Functions of the GROWTH mod

Standard growth |  Mod Increase Growth

Why did the author create the Growth Growth Mod (GROWTH)? We cannot answer this question. Probably the author too. Never mind. After installing the mod in Minecraft PE, the character’s height will double. By default, the size of GG in Minecraft is approximately two blocks.

Increased growth |  Mod Increase Growth

But after installing the add-on, it will become Minecraft PE all four. Now even golems will stay away from you. Not to mention zombies, skeletons and marauders. Hopefully you can find a use. fashion… Have a good game!

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