Mod Improvement of caves | Cave Enhancements for Minecraft

In total, the authors mod Cave Enhancements stuffed into it more than three hundred different blocks and items for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Having this global addon, in principle, you can not leave the caves. After all, even after a good hundred hours of playing, you will find something new.

Mod Features Cave Enhancements

Generation of caves |  Mod Improvement of caves

The first thing that catches your eye when you install the Cave Enhancements mod is the changed caves themselves. Now there are six types of them:

  • crystal;
  • mohair;
  • End dungeons;
  • tropical;
  • ice;
  • desert.

Cave top view |  Mod Improvement of caves

If initially mod and was set up as a concept for update 1.17, then the author has long stepped over the boundaries of the update.

Crystal |  Mod Upgrade Caves

Crystal Caverns, as the name suggests, will generate with a lot of crystals.

Mokhovaya |  Mod Improvement of caves

In the moss caves, you can stumble upon giant mushrooms and small structures.

Edge |  Mod Improvement of caves

The End Caves represent the traditional landscape of this world in Minecraft, you can stumble upon many types of ore veins.

Jungle |  Mod Improvement of caves

Dungeon |  Mod Improvement of caves

The tropical variant is one of the brightest underground places with an abundance of vines.

Icy |  Mod Improvement of caves

Ice caves, oddly enough, will generate blocks of ice and snow, which will give the feeling of a fierce cold in them.

Desert |  Mod Improvement of caves

Dungeons in deserts, in addition to ordinary stone and cobblestone, contain a large amount of sand, gravel and sandstone.

New ore

New ore |  Mod Improvement of caves

The scale of this mod knows no bounds in Minecraft PE… Exploring the ordinary world, you will find three dozen types of new ore. Ten more in the Land, and for the last ten you will have to go to the Lower World.

Ore in the ocean |  Mod Improvement of caves

But that’s not all. In the seas and oceans, the authors “placed” three more types of ore. Therefore, if you are not afraid to get your feet wet, you are welcome.


Weapon List |  Mod Improvement of caves

Cave Enhancements implements in Minecraft Bedrock Edition a large number of new weapons. It can be crafted at the workbench. The list includes:

  • hopeshy;
  • axes;
  • swords;
  • hammers.


Tools |  Mod Improvement of caves

If you wanted to get a new pickaxe, now is the time to do it. At the moment, nine crafts of different types of pickaxe have been implemented:

  • nickel-plated;
  • copper;
  • hematite;
  • opal;
  • pomegranate;
  • peinite;
  • kyanite;
  • from the stone of the Nether;
  • jade.


Armor |  Mod Improvement of caves

Try on new armor on your hero! They are crafted from the following materials:

  • rubies;
  • tanzanite;
  • cobalt;
  • copper;
  • emeralds.

Objects and structures

Where in Minecraft PE without new things?

Herb and Compressor |  Mod Improvement of caves

Cave Grass:

  • illuminates the ground when interacting (like a redstone).

Compressor craft |  Mod Improvement of caves


  • allows you to compress blocks.

Torch |  Mod Improvement of caves


  • have been redesigned and can now be simply held to illuminate.

Roots |  Mod Upgrade Caves


  • a new plant that is used in gardening for crafting.

Crystals |  Mod Improvement of caves


  • spawn randomly in caves, so far they only light up the space.

Structure of a sword in stone |  Mod Improvement of caves

Sword in stone:

  • a random structure that you can destroy or pull out weapons.

Melting Machine Crafting |  Mod Improvement of caves

Crafting Swimming Trunks |  Mod Improvement of caves

Casting machine:

  • allows you to create alloys.

Centrifuge |  Mod Improvement of caves


  • serves to improve blocks.

There are two versions in the archive of the Cave Enhancements mod. The usual one is suitable for more “strong in spirit and iron” devices, the second version is light, and it is better to run it on weaker devices. Don’t forget to enable experimental game features before launching this massive mod!

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