Mod Improved Hell | Better Nether Beta 2 for Minecraft

Mod entitled Superior Hell (BetterNetherBeta 2) will add new mobs to Minecraft, as well as several plants that will further improve the Lower World. Biomes will also be improved to make the gameplay more interesting.

Plants |  Mod Improved Hell

With the Better Nether Beta 2 mod in Minecraft BE a new biome will appear (in the Nether). This is a local semblance of the jungle, which will be inhabited by unusual creatures and plants.

Skeletons in the jungle |  Mod Improved Hell

This is the kind of skeletons that will roam the jungle. They are armed with swords and do not like intruders. Plants will grow on nilia.

Anchor workbench |  Mod Improved Hell

“Anchor” workbench. There is no crafting yet, but since fashion there will be many more updates, it will probably come in handy for creating some items in MCPE.

New types of vines |  Mod Improved Hell

More new vines |  Mod Improved Hell

Lots of greenery |  Mod Improved Hell

Several new types of vines.

Naga |  Mod Improved Hell

The new monster is the naga. It resembles slime, but with “hellish” textures… Can use fireballs. Gives a small amount of experience on kill.

Mold |  Mod Improved Hell

Stalagnite plant. When destroyed, you can get a new kind of boards and even (suddenly) furniture. She, by the way, has not yet been added by the author to Minecraft for Android.

A new kind of mushrooms |  Mod Improved Hell

Mold build-up. Outwardly, it resembles ordinary mushrooms. Looks dangerous, although it is not.

Fiery jellyfish |  Mod Improved Hell

Lava jellyfish. A huge creature that swims in the lava “ponds” of the Lower World. Has a nice model and custom animations. Have a good game!

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