Mod Improved Fox Taming | Better Tameable Fox for Minecraft

Author mod Better Tameable Fox, made the behavior of these cute animals slightly better than in the original Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Thanks to this creation, fluffy and cunning animals will become your character’s true friend and faithful companion.

Functions of the Better Tameable Fox mod

Fox company |  Mod Improved Fox Taming

Like wolves, foxes tamed by the Better Tameable Fox mod will take some of your orders in Minecraft Bedrock.

Sitting fox |  Mod Improved Fox Taming

For example, they can sit, or rush to protect you from monsters. That’s all the goodies fashion do not end.

To tame the fox in MCBE, you need to feed her:

  • sweet berries;
  • chicken (fried or raw);
  • rabbit meat;
  • cod;
  • salmon.

Fox Taming with Berries |  Mod Improved Fox Taming

Updated by the Better Tameable Fox mod, mobs will attack almost all creatures in the game, with the exception of polar bears, which they are terrified of. As for the rest of the players Minecraft PE, the foxes will also protect from their wolves and bears.

Fox protects against zombies |  Mod Improved Fox Taming

The modified chanterelles will behave almost as usual in the game. They will seek shelter and hide in the shadows. Animals can also carry an object with them, and unlike other mobs, the author has implemented a resurrection for them in case of death. If, you have an immortality totem for that.

The fox is sneaking |  Mod Improved Fox Taming

Attacks the chicken |  Mod Improved Fox Taming

As before, foxes will hunt small animals all the time, despite the fact that they are tamed. In warm biomes, they will become a thunderstorm for chickens and rabbits, and in cold biomes, they will try to fish. Reproduce these mobs in Minecraft Pocket Edition can be the same components that are used for taming.

Breeding foxes |  Mod Improved Fox Taming

Little fox |  Mod Improved Fox Taming

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