Mod Impossible difficulty level | Impossible Mode 2 for Minecraft

FROM mod Impossible difficulty level (ImpossibleMode 2) it will not only be difficult for you to play, but also interesting. The author did not limit himself to just changing the mobs in Minecraft, he went much further.

Functions of the Impossible Mode 2 mod

Modified difficulty |  Mod Impossible difficulty level

In principle, the modification Impossible level of difficulty (Impossible Mode 2) can be compared with Dark Souls, when passing in conditions of ignorance of the features of the game. Well, or with kosher Nioh. Only in Minecraft Bedrock there will be no samurai, no shards of a great soul. Let’s start with an analysis of the most interesting features of the main character:

  • the hotbar will be limited to only three slots;
  • per character in Minecraft the slowdown effect is automatically applied;
  • there is a fatigue effect;
  • reduced protection.

Many mobs and monsters naturally received a stat boost in Minecraft PE… The same creepers can explode with just one approach, and even blow it off with lightning. Skeletons, by the way, now just can’t be killed. Well, and finally, ordinary zombies – increased health and attack power.

To mod worked, enter the command / give @s command_block, and place the command block. Then do everything as usual – activate it and do endless repetition in MCBE. In the block we write function impossiblemode. In addition, here you can find a similar mod Is not a previous version, but a separate addon. It has completely different features and features, we recommend that you take a look – suddenly you will like it more. Have a good game!

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